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When the Dust Settles, Feature in Sept. 2016 Issue

Washington Post

The new Texas Agriculture Commissioner’s first act in office? Granting amnesty to cupcakes

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Teen Leads Charge to Change Confederate Heroes Day

Medical Marijuana Advocates: Proposal Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Commissioner Gets Cupcake Policy Wrong, Combs Says

Senator Campbell Wants to Ban Foreign Control of the Alamo

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Seeds of Discontent: Monsanto in Texas: Cover Story – Feb. 2013


Christian Science Monitor

Pokémon Go hits Rio, and for some, gaming outweighs the Games

World Cup visitors try to make their Brazil stays permanent – by claiming asylum

Brazil as World Cup host: What happened to predictions of doom and gloom?

Fusion News

No Law and Order: The growing massacre over land rights in Brazil


Savior or Villain? A New Leader Steps into the Scandal-Plagued Brazilian Presidency

The Impeachment of Rousseff Now Seems All But Inevitable

VICE News, select World Cup Coverage

Scars of Police Brutality Haunt World Cup Kickoff

Homeless Families in São Paulo are Occupying the World Cup

Brazil’s Controversial Black Blocs Take the Spotlight at World Cup Protests;

Al Jazeera America

In Brazil’s wetlands, jaguars face a new threat: drug traffickers


The Atlantic

How Male Power Spreads HIV (traducción español) – winner of the 2013 Gender and Justice award given by the Mexican Supreme Court and UN Women.

In Mexico, Artists Pay Taxes with Artwork – listen to my interview on CBC with Jian Ghomeshi.


Is the Aztec Tiger Poised for a Comeback?

The Texas Observer

Profiting from Education Reform in Mexico

Center for International Policy

Politics, Sugar Bullets and Mexico’s National Crusade Against Hunger

Central Americans Skeptical of Obama’s Plan for Economic Integration


Peru – La República: El Caso Camposol; Feature on the international asparagus industry, local communities and labor rights on the Peruvian coast.

Peru – Terra: Daniel Alarcón y Sheila Alvarado: el escritor amerincaico y la musa mestiza. Photos.

Mexico – La Jornada: Oaxaca: por la defensa del sustento de la vidaA un año del terremoto, los haitianos están cada vez peor

Mexico – El Universal: Los Esclavos del Siglo XXI; Exposé revisiting an earlier piece on Costa Rican banana plantations, including ongoing litigation.

Costa Rica – La Nación: Los solitarios del desierto verde; Feature on transnational banana plantation culture and politics on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.


The University of Texas at Austin, M.A. Thesis – De Sol a Sol:  The Limits to Union Organizing in the Nontraditional Export Plantations of Northern Peru. 2012

El Portal – Adaptation to Climate Change: A Prospective Collaboration. 2011

El Portal – Confronting la cañada: tackling real world problems through service learning, Dominican Republic. p. 40. 2010.